5 Treatments Emergency Dentistry Can Offer

5 Treatments Emergency Dentistry Can Offer from Culebra Family Dentistry in San Antonio, TXNothing is worse than enduring an injury or developing severe and unexpected symptoms of an oral health concern. The good news is that emergency dentistry services can help restore your oral health and smile in a timely manner, along with reducing the initial discomforting symptoms.

Emergency dentistry treatments

Dental emergency treatments depend largely on the type of concern and the severity. The emergency dentist can determine the most appropriate treatment option during the visit and provide prompt care to minimize the initial symptoms. However, notably, emergency dentistry practices commonly treat dental trauma, tooth infection, lost fillings and crowns, deep tooth decay, and gum complications.

Dental trauma

Dental trauma usually occurs from an unexpected blow to the mouth, such as during physical activity, physical altercation, car accident, falling, etc. Dental trauma can lead to symptoms such as tooth damage (i.e., chips, cracks), gum lacerations, and more. Emergency dentistry practices can treat these concerns in multiple ways. First, they may begin with alleviation of the initial symptoms. From there, they can put together a restoration plan that includes a dental restoration (i.e., crown, dental bonding, teeth replacement, etc.).

Tooth infection

A tooth infection can develop as a result of deep tooth decay, gum complications (i.e., deep gum pockets), and/or damage to the tooth, such as a chip or a crack. When this occurs, bacteria can invade the deeper portion of the tooth near the root and lead to a bacterial infection. A minor tooth infection is not a serious concern. However, if left untreated, it can become an emergency due to severe discomfort and worsening symptoms. Emergency treatment offers a way to save the tooth and alleviate the severe discomfort.

Lost fillings and crowns

An emergency dentistry office can also treat a lost filling and crown. Fillings and crowns should last between 5 and 15 years on average, but they may fall out prematurely for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause, seeking prompt care for a lost filling and crown is important to avoid pain, sensitivity, and an increased risk of an oral infection.

Deep tooth decay

Deep tooth decay can compromise the integrity of the tooth and greatly increase the risk of tooth loss. An emergency dentist can help alleviate any discomfort and prepare the tooth for a root canal procedure to avoid the loss of the tooth.

Gum complications

Emergency dentistry offices can also treat gum complications, such as a laceration or bruise. In addition, seeking emergency dental care can help alleviate the initial symptoms and diagnose any more severe concerns that may have gone undetected, such as a loose or damaged tooth.

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